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I have loved dogs all my life,Long time.All the dogs I trained to do many things never got a reward and never looked for one. They just loved me and I loved them, that was enough for us both.U.S.NAVY VET.mechanic,antiques restorer,dealer. I worked on cars,trucks,toys,steam ship,chainsaws,tractors-industrial and garden,,tillers,etc. Love to fish,clam,cook. Fix my computer,some times.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

camping is another way to get to see nature

I had some of the best of my times of my life out there watching and listening to nature. We started when our kids were about three and five years old. We made cook fire  in safe places. A few times we warmed soup and it was so cold ice formed be for we got to it, it was still super. Snow so deep our dogs had to leap to make any head way. Rain never stopped us,as long as it didn't pour to bad.

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